Gem Stone Pictures

・ The Pictures made with colorful gem stones from Myanmar.

・ Good as the celebration gifts for entering school or kindergarten

   of children or grandchildren.

・  For the good memories of dear pets.

・  For the nice interior decoration in the rooms and the offices.


< All are Custom-made pictures by the Myanmar craft persons >


< Only one picture in the world of yours >


Gem stones have particular meaning and effective so as they are

considered to be a lucky charm from old days.


For family's happiness and health.

For victory prayer of the examination and study.

For lucky charm of lovers.

For success and development in the business.


Myanmar is a country of prayers.

Ligaridge brings power of gem stones as the picture from Myanmar

to you.


There are some sample below.


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Mount fuji
Mount fuji

This is Gem Picture of scenery.

Mount Fuji which was registered as World Cultural Heritage Site and cherry blossom are expressed by Gem stone.

Interior for office and room.